A New Day

This is a new day. Many of my past projects have been let go. I have stumbled upon something that was hiding in plain sight for so long. That I have dismissed until I made myself experience it. VR has potential beyond my imagination, and that fact that this embryonic medium will evolve into things we cannot begin to imagine. It will be a revolution. 

Faith and reason are not why I believe this will be a revolution. It is because of experience. Wearing a cheap headset with my phone inside I viewed a few apps, and videos. Even with the experiences being crudely designed compared to more polished media. Even with an image that looked like a pixel mosaic more than an alternate universe. Even with the lack of dynamic interactivity, and user input. Even with so many shortcomings I felt the presence of a ghost in a horror VR app. In videos it felt as if another person was talking to me. I felt as if I was in another place. For anyone interested I recommend trying the experience of VR. 

So why am I writing this? This is the first post documenting my progress, and works in the world of VR. I have been polishing my photoshop compositing skills, and am currently learning blender. Eventually my goal is to create a web base VR experience. Perhaps someone else will find my stumbling into this new world useful. There are no VR masters yet, perhaps I will get the chance to meet one through my works. Mostly I look to create experiences that I can share with a community. This is my first step on a path, and I am anxious to see where it leads.

Here are a couple links I found helpful starting off:

AFrame     A Mozilla project to bring VR to the web

Blender      Probably the most popular open source 3d content creation apps

Voices of VR  A great podcast crash course in what is going on in the VR community