Artist's Razor

Creativity is the cause so many claim is their motivation to pursue Art, Photography, Music, or any number of potential outlets. But what does this really mean? What does this path entail? Why not pursue any field that would not be considered creative? Often I feel that their is more creativity involved in Management, or Computer Programming, than is many of the "Arts". A crude definition of creativity is to create something new, something that entails a vision unique to the creator, and no one else. Books have been written on the topic, so I will diverge back into my original thought. The potential of Art to be visionary, transcendent, and consoling, is often squandered by the creator's fear and doubt. Humankind instinctively try to stay safe, and creative ventures are anything but. They can be terrifying. In the nascent stages of creation brilliant works, and works of the poorest quality are indistinguishable in these early embryonic stages. This is often enough to derail most projects, and people desperately look for a safe haven, and this may take many forms. The pursute of technical perfection at all costs; many people hone their craft to a razor's edge in pursuit of perfection. Since perfection is impossible, this pursuit never ends, and the person is safe from worrying about any other aspects of their work. Another is to follow the path of a hero, and try to mimick the works we love so much. This may not be a bad beginning, but many never leave this larval stage. The last one I care to mention is the pursuit of the weird and obscure; many great works of art were originally seen as just that, but there was something more to them. So many yearn for these experiences and achievements, but so few can tolerate walk the path. My question is if one has a choice, is it a path worth pursuing?