Pythons And Glass

Today I have been brushing up my programming skills. I have managed to dream up some things that photoshop can't do, so I am trying to write some scripts that can get me started.  Brushing up has been a great resource. Baby steps.

I am almost embarrassed to admit my other obsession has been vintage lenses. Looking through web posts and eBay sales I am looking for an ultra-wide and a normal lens. They can't be too light, but still need to have excellent image quality. Manual focus is fine. Light and sharp. I have been looking at the Minolta Rokkor MD, Cannon FD, and now I have been glancing at the Olympus Zuiko OM lenses. I hate to think I am spending time on this, but I want a lightweight kit to travel with. It has been annoying when typing "lightest Lenses" on google with any combination of other search terms has not yielded much. Some things have to be done the hard way...

print("Good Night")