1.13.15-Lens Abuse: trial by fire

After reading about various lens reviews, and trying to assemble the perfect kit I brought together a group of lenses for testing. I have a Sony 28-70mm zoom, a Rokkor 45mm 2.0, Cannon FD 1.8, and the infamous Sony/Zeiss FE 55mm 1.8. The zoom does take nice images, but the image quality is just not as good as the prime lenses, so those images were omitted from this test. Using an old enlarger to mount the camera, and shooting some paper and fabric with various print, and textures I came up with the following images. These images are ridiculously zoomed in to 3:1 crops from the original image. Realistically, all things the same, it is very difficult to tell the difference on a computer screen. Even zoomed in the differences are subtle. Perhaps if I was shooting 50mp camera in perfect studio lighting the differences would be more apparent, but for my used 24mp A7 this is more than enough for anything that I will be doing. So I am contemplating selling off my Sony lenses, and buying a few vintage primes. For my shooting style autofocus is never used, and the weight of the gear is more important than conveniences. I think I have found a setup that will provide the IQ that I want, in a small enough package to travel. I do like wide lenses, and currently own a heavy Rokkinon 14mm, but for travel I think I am going to go with a smaller narrower prime, and resort to stitching the images together in post. Hopefully I will never again spend an evening testing lenses, but I do think it has proven useful. 


Center: Rokkor 45mm f5.6


Center: Cannon FD 55mm F5.6


Center: Zeiss FE 55mm f5.6


Corner: Rokkor 45mm f5.6


Corner: Cannon 55mm 5.6


Corner: Zeiss FE 55mm f5.6