Win Free Pictures!

I am working on my next post, but feel that it needs more time. My typical writing style is to knock out a whole piece proof read it a couple time and done. This will not work for this piece. Recently I had an experience that changed my perspective on long term travel, vagabonding if you will. I have to cover some emotional territory which slows down the process, but I think this will be worth the wait. 

In other news I am starting another 365 project. Every day that I have internet access I am going to take a single photo with my iPhone. Often I take dozens of different shots with my mirrorless camera trying to capture everything that I could possible want, so when I return home there is no missed opportunities. I am going to try and force myself to take a single image, and whatever it is it is, no filters, maybe the little clip-on macro lens.

So as motivation any day that I do not post an image on Instagram, that I have internet access, the first person to call me out on it will get one small artist proof print of any image of there choice on the Instagram feed. Have fun :)