Matrix Math : Trumping Trump : Zombie World

I am considering changing my goals for this blog. Writing daily has been a useful exercise for me, but perhaps it would be better writing daily and posting weekly. Now would probably be a good time to change my format especially since no one, not even my mother reads this blog yet. I am not changing up anything yet, just considering the best path forward. So either my daily experiences of learning about matrix math, practicing Spanish with Duolingo, and working out doing the 5x5 plan are not giving me enough material, or I need to find more interesting activities for my daily life.

Thought of the day: If Obama doesn't want to see Trump have a chance in this election, he should endorse him. Cold hard political Ju-Jitsu. 

Million dollar idea of the day: Turn the abandoned mall down the street from my house into a zombie apocalypse paintball arena. People would travel from all over the country to reenact their favorite zombie killing movie scene. It would be like Disney World for millennials.