American Antiquity

Above as Below ©2015

An ancient tree emerging from a crumbling foundation of a forgotten mill. America being so young makes finding such sites are exceedingly rare, especially in the north east. Many places in the world it is not uncommon to find buildings in use older than our country. I have spent time researching, and visiting historical sites of know Native American villages. In Upstate New York at least they left no trace.  Their  environmental impact was so minimal that there are no ancient ruins of the indigenous people we displaced. The only mark of their existence is their conspicuous absence, and the names that were oddly appropriated.

For thousands of years the Native Americans lived here, and for those years their world continued to thrive living in a state of balance that Iwill never known. In the UK the ancient forests are only stories, and only farm land and grass exists in their countryside. Egypt was once a lush thriving landscape, as was Israel. Perhaps that is why I love to find these ruins that are experiencing a slow reclamation by the elements. Maybe I pursue these landscape because they serve as a reminder of the working of time. There maybe something in human nature that is drawn to destruction. There might be no deeper reason than I like the aesthetics of gnarled roots.  Whatever the reason, I can't stop looking. 

The tree that would grow to heaven must send its roots to hell.
— Friedrich Nietzsche